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Legal Databases

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Law Databases




National law


  • Beck online: selection of German legal journals and commentaries

  • IUSExplorer:  full-text of Italian legislation, case law, codes, regional laws, legal doctrine and 42 legal journals. See the blog on this resource.

  • Getting the Deal Throughinformation resource covering 80 practice areas in more than 150 jurisdictions. Such as competition & regulatory, dispute resolution & litigation, tax, white collar crime, IP, corporate, commercial, banking & finance, infrastructure & transport, energy & natural resources, insurance and compliance.

  • Juris: full-text of German legislation, case law and references to journal literature  

  • Legifrance: free French database containing the full-text of legislation, reported and unreported case law of the highest courts, international agreements (formerly Jurifrance) 

  • Lex Polonica: full-text of Polish legislation and case law and commentaries

  • Lexis 360: French legal database covering Court decisions since 1985; Official Journal since 1990; Consolidated legislation, Doctrine, Law reviews, Juris Classeur Encyclopedias.

  • Westlaw International: full-text database of case law, legislation, law reviews, treaties and directories for (amongst others) the USA ,UK and Canada


Subject oriented


International Law


  • Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals: Text of the most important decisions of the ICTY, ICTR, The Special Court for Sierra Leone, The International Criminal Tribunal for Timor-Leste and the ICC. Distinguished experts in the field of international criminal law have commented these decisions. 

  • Hague Academy Collected Courses online: electronic version of the Recueil des Cours/Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law

  • Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law Online (MPEPIL): online edition of the Encyclopedia of Public International Law published by the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law. The Oxford Law Citator links to decisions, instruments, commentary or articles on the website or accessible for free on the Internet.

  • Oxford Historical Treaties: comprehensive collection of treaties of all nations concluded from 1648 through 1919. It contains the full-text of the Consolidated Treaty Series.

  • Oxford Reports on International Law: database covering important international law issues international law courts, domestic courts, and ad hoc tribunals

  • United Nations Law Collection (Hein Online): reproductions of major United Nationals legal documents, including the complete collection of the UN Treaty Series

  • Westlaw International: full-text database of amongst others case law of international tribunals.  

Dispute settlement, arbitration and trade law

  • ICC Dispute Resolution Library: articles, reports and bulletins on international arbitration issued by the ICC International Court of Arbitration 

  • Investment Arbitration Reporter: an electronic news service tracking cross-border arbitrations between foreign investors and their host governments. Specialized in international arbitrations involving states and claims before international human rights courts.

  • Investor-State Law Guideonline  database for investment treaty law offering integrated and cross-referenced Research Tools including dispute documents and legal instruments. For further explanation see the blog

  • TradeLawGuide  provides comprehensive research tools for WTO law. It includes the WTO agreements and instruments, jurisprudence, dispute settlement procedural documents and negotiating history. As for the jurisprudence on WTO law, citators provide references to WTO, pre-WTO and Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties provisions as well as cross-references within jurisprudence. Annotated Agreements, Treaty Interpretation, Terms & Phrases, Subject Navigator, Dispute Settlement Body Minutes (for policy issues arising in jurisprudence) and Jurisprudence Pending provide additional value-added content. Full-text search functions are provided for all research tools and document collections along with detailed summaries and commentaries on WTO jurisprudence.

  • WorldTradeLawNet primary source documents related to international trade law; a full-text search engine for GATT/WTO decisions; a large collection of links to other sources of information on the web; and a discussion forum.


European Law


Working Papers

  • SSRN Social Science Research Network, composed of various research networks, each with a growing number of abstracts and papers



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