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Given the broad range of interests of members of the department, it is difficult to exclude any of the large number of databases to which the EUI Library provides access.

Below are a few pointers to the most relevant sources in the main fields but users are advised to consult the full list ( Electronic Resources A-Z ) where more information about each database is available.

Bibliographical & Full-Text

Although bibliographical databases increasingly include links to the full-text of a reference (when available) and full-text databases can be used to carry out bibliographical research, users are advised to use bibliographical databases for research when aiming at comprehensive coverage of a particular topic. The complete list of full-text journals available to EUI users can be found on the web-page for Electronic Journals.

An important selection of bibliographical databases can be found through the  Electronic Reference Library (OvidSP) . These databases can be searched simultaneously.

Another large general database, albeit with an Ango-American bias, is the Web of Science (which corresponds to the old Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities Citation Indexes).

Data & Statistical Sources

  • An entire section of the Library's web-site is devoted to E-Data and Statistics collections .
  • CESSDA is the union catalogue of the principal European data archives for social scientists. Unfortunately, data sets need to be ordered individually from the data archives and sent by CD Rom rather than by direct transfer across the Internet.
  • ICPSR allows for direct downloading (through a librarian) of any of its extensive archive of data-sets (including the Eurobarometer special surveys ). Contact the Official Representative Peter Kennealy with details of the datasets required.
  • OECD : all OECD statistics are available online but need to be complemented by our CD ROM collection .
  • New Cronos from Eurostat. New Cronos contains over 160 million statistical data covering every social and economic sector. The information normally covers all the European Union Member States; in many cases, it is also available for Japan, the United States of America and other Union trade partners 

News sources


The permanent newspaper archive of the library is kept on microfilm as this is still the safest medium for long term storage and reproduces an integral copy of the original. The Library aims to offer its users most major European newspapers from 1945 onwards for which a microfilm edition exists and for which indexes are available. Where the absence of indexes would mean that there would be no coverage for a member state of the European Union one newspaper for that country is nevertheless included in the archive. As Italian newspapers are accessible elsewhere in Florence, have been excluded. In addition, one major American newspaper (New York Times) was purchased as well as several runs of newspapers pre-dating 1945. More information is available from our page on Newspaper Collections .


Google maintains individual links to world newspapers along with the possibility of searching across them.

A useful list of magazines and book reviews can be found at Arts & Letters Daily.

Page last updated on 16 February 2021

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