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Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery

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Where to find the online ILL request form (for EUI members only)

  • Open the Library Catalogue
  • Log into My Account
  • On the top right-hand corner click on "Send an ILL request"
  • Fill the form

Contacts: [email protected] 
Tel. +39 055 4685 365 / 357
Fax: +39 055 4685 283

ILL rules for EUI members

 Interlibrary loans for other Libraries

Contacts: [email protected], tel. +390554685365/357, fax: +39 0554585283


Interlibrary Loan rules for EUI members

The Interlibrary Loan service provides EUI members with access to documents that are not available in the EUI Library, or through its electronic resources.

ILL/Document delivery is a no-charge service, however since ILLs are expensive, and funds are limited, users should ensure that they really need the documents requested.

It is advisable not to hand in many ILL requests for books at the same time: if the books arrive at the same time it is difficult to read them all in a short period.

It is understood that users know and will respect Library rules about Interlibrary loans when submitting ILL requests.

Users are informed by e-mail (hold pickup notice) when an ILL has arrived. The books should be collected at the Loan Desk. Articles are delivered by e-mail or to users' pigeon holes.

Users should inform the ILL staff when they are leaving the EUI for any extended period of time. This allows the service to plan the arrival of the ILLs for their return.

Before submitting  a request, consult the Catalogue to verify that the library does not have the material.

Bibliographical references should be given as fully and accurately as is possible; the Reference Service may be consulted in cases of doubt or difficulty.

If you want to order a book published in the last two years please use the Book Purchase Suggestion Form instead.



Page last updated on 22 January 2019