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Research Themes

Research activities at the EUI comprises a wide range of individual and joint projects, seminars, workshops, conferences and summer schools.

Research is often carried out using comparative or contextual approaches to examine and develop wide-ranging areas of research, many of them with a specifically European perspective.

Interdisciplinarity is also a well-established practice and priority, and has given rise to working clusters on a range of topical issues. An emerging research cluster within the EUI is now dealing with the crisis of expertise and authority. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to a global crisis of historic proportions, with profound implications for the world economic outlook, welfare and employment prospects of millions of people, political developments, international cooperation and global governance. The EUI has pooled its extensive in-house expertise about the social sciences, and teamed up with its large academic networks to create a COVID-19 knowledge hub. The ambition is not only to analyse the current situation and put forward proposals to deal with the various aspects of the crisis, but also to launch dedicated research projects.  



  • EU Competition Law and Policy Workshop
  • The Europeanisation of Law (with particular emphasis on Private and Economic Law)
  • The Impact of Constitutionalisation, Enlargement and Diversity on the Law of the European Union
  • The Impact of Globalisation on International Law, Human Rights and Global Governance
  • Theories, Processes and Structures of Interaction Between Legal Systems
  • Social, Linguistic and Cognitive Theories of Law




Page last updated on 22 May 2020