School of Transnational Governance

Petr Bohacek

Petr Bohacek

Fellowship period: 1 February - 30 June 2021

Topic: Europe and Global Governance of Laser Systems for Space


 Petr Bohacek

Petr’s BA in Political Science and International Studies from St. Norbert College (US), was followed by MA in Security Studies at Charles University (Czech Republic), as well as study stints in Argentina, Portugal, and Germany. 

Petr has worked as an intelligence and security analyst in the public and private sectors before moving into academia and think tank work as a research fellow on space policy, transatlantic relations and global security at Charles University and Association for International Affairs.

He is a frequent public commentator and policy advisor on foreign affairs and founder of the European Security Journal. Petr’s doctoral study focuses on the global governance of global threats. His current main professional involvement focuses on the peaceful use of lasers in space, space resources utilization and planetary defense.