School of Transnational Governance

Natalia Pushkareva

Fellowship period: 3 September 2018 - 3 June 2019

Natalia Pushkareva competed her bachelor degree at Lomonosov Moscow State University (Law, summa cum laude), after which she pursued Masters in Law and Finance at University of Oxford on a Hill Foundation scholarship. Prior to joining the EUI, Natalia was involved in public policy making in Russia for over four years mostly doing research in economics, taxation and law for Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy.  Natalia’s professional interests concentrate around addressing challenges of digital economy and issues brought up by technology and innovation such as inequality and disruption. Her ambition is contributing to creation of fair, well-thought and evidence-based policies adequate to modern reality and resulting in increasing quality of life for many. During her time at EUI Natalia will be working on a project dealing with rethinking international taxation system and changing role of tax in general. 

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