School of Transnational Governance

Master Students 2020-21

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Moaz Nasser Saber Abdelrahman

"Making a difference is a big word, yet if I got the chance to do so, it would be about working on enhancing political discourse in governance by uncovering diverse narratives in policy-making."




Hala Ahmad

"Completing the STG Master programme will provide me with the knowledge that I would need to improve my understanding of governance issues and it will enable me to raise awareness on contemporary issues within the youth, civil society, and women."




Zakaria Al Shmaly

"I think that the backlash against multilateralism is the most important international policy issue and migration is the most urgent one due to its direct impact on lives."




Felipe Amoroso Manzano

"An idealist and results-driven person, who likes to understand the complexity of societal problems and acting collaboratively to create solutions."




Lucia Bosoer


[email protected]

"Through this Master, I plan to acquire the global perspective I seek in order to become a future policy leader capable of navigating the complexities of this time and bringing positive change."




Ingerid Bratz

"I would describe myself as a curious, ambitious person who enjoys challenges that give me something to strive towards."




Gabriel Cohen

"I expect to find a dynamic academic community at the EUI's School of Transnational Governance, one prepared to tackle the global issues of the modern world."




Maixent Crémades

France/ New Zealand

[email protected]

"A curious and challenge embracing person who loves to learn and meet."




Capucine Du Perron de Revel

"I hope to have an insight both into the past and future of European construction through different points of view and opinions in order to better grasp the specificities and challenges of each country and region that is part of or willing to be part of the EU."




Andrew Fallone

"I hope to use the skills I gain at the European University Institute to promote and expand human mobility, using the power of international institutions to enable greater global migration."




Chiara Fischetti

"I am a curious, passionate and motivated person and I enjoy getting out of my 'comfort zone' and embracing new, challenging experiences."




Josep Maria Folch Olivella

"I come to Florence in a diver’s fashion, ready to immerse in a deep formative experience both inside and outside the classroom. Consequently, as a proto-professional my expectations reside in the development of such link between theory and practice."




Andrea Gaiba

"I aim to focus on democratic innovations and political accountability in public value creation; global inequalities, and in particular on labour markets and the structural effects of tax avoidance and tax evasion on them."




Sophie Guillaumat

"I want to work within a policy-advising role to be able to bring in transnational solutions to contribute in combating social issues at different scales across communities."




Enyuan He

"I expect to immerse myself in EUI’s intensive study environment, to broaden my mind and open to different experiences and languages. I expect to build strong and interdisciplinary foundations from EUI’s MTnG programme and be able to tackle cross-border challenges."




Weiming Huang

 "Moments of learning is far beyond days of thinking."





Varun Khanna

"During my tenure at EUI's School of Transnational Governance, I hope to gain a better understanding of Europe's role in international development amidst the challenges faced by a fast-changing globalizing world in an era of 'risk'."




Fee Helen Kirsch

"I am excited to be part of the first cohort of this brand new master, because I expect it to come with the freedom to co-create this programme and to feel limitless in what we can get out of the two years."



Xiaoman Lin

"I hope to work for International Organizations in related fields or the Chinese Government, through studying, comparing, and combining different policies tools in Europe and China, and give some innovative advice."




Naira López Cañellas

"I hope to continue feeding my never-ending curiosity, expanding my knowledge and interests, and hearing different thoughts and views from every corner of the world. I hope to find what I’m most passionate about, and acquire the tools to pursue it."



Pengheng Ma

"I'd like to become a government official practicing politics or a scholar doing related research and supporting government policy making."




Dylan Casey Marshall

"Upon the completion of my studies at the STG, I hope to contribute to creating a more social Europe and to aid with representing the interests of workers and those affected by the transition to a low-carbon economy at a European and international level."




Marta Moretti

"Multicultural European citizen with an international outlook, a pro-active volunteer and activist in grassroot and political movements, with a particular interest in sustainability, migration and climate change policies."




Trung Hieu Nguyen

"After completing the Master in Transnational Governance, I plan to continue my academic journey with a Ph.D. program. I intend to have a career in academia, where I can make a difference through education, the most influential instrument in transforming society."




Melina Nitschker

"I have two somewhat conflicting expectations – the first being that the next two years in Florence will be the most challenging years of my life so far, and the second being that studying at the EUI will, at the same time, be the happiest and most fulfilling time of my life."




Sarah Nousseir

"I am French/Egyptian/Algerian and I have a degree in Politics and International Relations from SOAS, University of London, after which I worked in different sectors in Europe and the Middle East before deciding to resume my studies with this Masters programme."




Melissa Nil Özkarakaya

"In my view, the most important policy issue in the world is the accessibility of technology since the digitalization and R&D studies are very crucial for the sustainability and development of our future."




Lucas Petrelli Lemin Santos


"Global citizen, political thinker, philosophical mind, lover of the arts, and aspiring policymaker."




Jichen Qu

"The STG Programme can serve as an enabler for me to explore different career fields and I anticipate making a difference particularly in the realm of diplomatic affairs, public policies and global altruism, etc. by engaging myself in international organizations or governmental institutions."




Roberto Sequerra Koogan Breitman

"I expect my time at the EUI will provide me with a strong scholarly foundation for a career in tech policy. I hope to acquire not only the skills and understandings required to navigate an inherently transitional field, but also the intuitions needed to apply a transnational lens to new problems."




Morgane Catherine Speeckaert

United Kingdom/ Belgium

[email protected]

"I hope to make animal welfare a recognised and respected international policy issue, by governments and international organisations."




Lukas Wiehler

"I am an intellectually curious and ambitious Governance student interested in the external relations of the European Union, environmental policies, LGBTQ rights, feminism and arts & theatre."




Mengxue You

"I want to engage in investment and trade related work between China and the countries along the Belt and Road. Including policy development and project cooperation."