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Policy Dialogues

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Our High-Level Policy Dialogues bring scholars and leaders from economic, political and social sectors together to discuss the most pressing issues on transnational and European agendas. The informal, private setting allows policy-makers to engage in the ideas of leading scholars, whilst collaborating with industry peers away from the constraints of traditional decision-making fora.

Participation in Policy Dialogues is by invitation only. After the event, the STG will publish a Policy Brief to promote further discussion, engagement and collaboration. Policy Briefs are available on Cadmus, the EUI's Research Repository. All the Policy Briefs are open access.


Our Policy-Dialogues in 2020/ 2021


The 'EUI Democracy Forum' is an STG initiative to explore the range, promise and potential of citizen participation in Europe, by taking the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) as a case in point. Since the launch of the Forum in September 2020, members gather on a regular basis. The latest meeting took place on Friday, 5 December 2020



This high-level policy dialogue was held on 18 December 2020 to take stock at the level of EU institutions and member states in preparation for the implementation of national recovery and resilience plans, as well as to provide peer learning regarding the process through the exchange of national experiences.



The Policy Dialogue 'Health: Crisis governance for a vital global public good', organised in collaboration with Bruegel in the context of the Transformation of Global Governance project on 17 December 2020, discussed the challenges confronting multilateralism and international cooperation in global health policy.


HLPD Corruption in sports March2020

As a continuation of the STG High-Level Policy Dialogues on the ‘Transnational Governance of Sports’ (February 2018) and the ‘Rule of Law in Sports’ (March 2019), this event on 14-15 December 2020 gathered academics, policy-makers and private actors to discuss how sports governance can contribute in effectively addressing corruption.


HLPD Donbas Future Feb2020

Launched in 2018, the series of High-Level Policy Dialogues (HLPDs) on the Donbas bring together experts to exchange views on the situation in the conflict-torn region, with the aim of building consensus on the various aspects of inclusive reintegration. The fourth meeting on 10 December 2020, discussed a new approach to the economic development of the Donetsk and Luhansk administrative regions of Ukraine.



Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms, 5 and 9 November 2020



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