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FAQ - Degree Requirements

The purpose of the FAQ pages is to provide prospective applicants with general guidance, additional clarification and examples. In case of doubt or differences of interpretation, the EUI Academic Rules and Regulations for the Doctoral and Master’s Programmes shall prevail.


Can I apply even if I will obtain the minimum degree required after 31 January? 

Yes as a general rule*, but you must meet the minimum degree requirements by the following 31 August and send a degree certificate as soon as it is available.

*Please note however that this is not valid for candidates applying for some national funding programmes. To qualify for a national grant, you must meet the specific requirements set by the national grant authorities: These may include conditions with regard to your degree and its time of award. For complete details, please see: Funding Information - Eligibility Requirements


I am an admitted candidate who expect to graduate by the coming August but will receive official degree certificate after September. How can I prove that I successfully completed my degree programme?

You should supply a provisional certificate or letter issued by your home university or supervisor by 31 August. The official certificate or diploma should be supplied as soon as it is available.


Can I apply to a specific department if I have a degree in another subject area? 

Yes, but you must have a sound knowledge of the fields covered by that department.


Can I apply to the Ph.D. programme in Law if I have a degree in another subject?

Applications from candidates without a first degree in Law are considered, but they must have a good legal background. The Examining Board will assess the content and quality of the candidates’ academic record to decide if it fits the requirements for admission to the Law Department.


Can I apply to the EUI doctoral programme if I already have a Ph.D?

Yes, but check your eligibility for a grant with the relevant grant-awarding authority.

Page last updated on 02 October 2020

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