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Information for Denmark/Danmark

No separate application is required.
Acceptance at the EUI automatically entitles the candidate to a Ph.D. salary funded by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. Applications for admission to the EUI must be submitted online through the application form. 


Candidates are employed as civil servants by the Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants. According to the Government’s agreement with the unions researchers carrying out doctoral studies in an Institution abroad receive an annual basic salary of  DKK 301.100 (pension included).

For further information please consult the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science website


Salary and Allowances

  • Månedligt stipendiebeløb: 3.350 EUR
  • Familietilskud: nej
  • Rejsetilskud: ja

The Authority provides a monthly Ph.D. Salary for the first three years of EUI Ph.D. Programme. The fourth year is partly covered by the EUI and partly by the Danish authority.

Funding Authority

DNKDanish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants

Ministry of Higher Education and Science

Bredgade 43

DK-1260 København K 


Kathrine Mariager Andersen

Head of Section

Universities, Research Foundations and Innovation Infrastructure


Page last updated on 18 November 2019