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Grant Information for Norway/Norge

No separate grant application is required. The application for admission to the EUI doctoral programme is automatically an application for a national grant. 


Norwegian citizens should apply for admission to the EUI Doctoral Programme using the EUI online application form for this purpose. An application to the EUI is automatically also an application to the Research Council of Norway for a Ph.D. grant. Acceptance at the EUI entitles the candidate to a Norwegian Ph.D. grant for three years.  The grant holder will in this period be employed by the Research Council of Norway. The same rules apply to grant holders as to other employees, i.e.  rules for leave, sickness, pension contributions etc. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates who are Norwegian citizens or hold a permanent residence permit in Norway are eligible to apply. 
  • Candidates must give proof of their Master's degree or equivalent degree before the start of the Ph.D. programme at the EUI. 

Eligibility is not automatic and it is carefully verified for each candidate.  


Grant and Allowances

  • Doktorgradsstipend pr mnd: ca. 36 000 NOK (Statens ltr. 50, før skatt).
  • Bidrag for partner: nei
  • Reisepenger: nei
  • Forsikring: nei.  Må søke frivillig medlemskap i folketrygden
  • Etableringsstipend første år tilsvarende Forskningsrådets satser for utenlandsstipend

The Research Council of Norway (RCN) provides a monthly salary for the first three years of the EUI Ph.D. Programme. The fourth year is covered by the EUI (2020 grant is 1,350 EUR per month). In addition the candidate may apply for a Personal overseas research grant for the fourth year from the RCN.

Grant-awarding Authority


The Research Council of Norway


Ms. Siri Tønseth

Special Adviser - Department for University and University College Policy

  • Direct phone: + 47 22 03 73 45
  • Mobile phone: + 47 45 02 34 21
  • Email: [email protected]
  • P.O. Box 564, N-1327 Lysaker 


Page last updated on 31 March 2020