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UK Grant Assignment Procedure

The information on this page is subject to change for the 2018-19 calls for applications.

Before Selection

All the candidates must send (in addition to the EUI online application) the completed DBIS/SLC grant eligibility form by mail to the SLC Darlington office (deadline for receipt: 31 January) as specified on the United Kingdom Grant Information Page.

After Selection

This section only applies to candidates who are selected and offered admission to the EUI.The EUI Admissions office will directly inform candidates as soon as the selection procedure is finalised (mid-April).


No further steps are required from residents of England, Wales & Northern Ireland. They are only advised to follow the admission procedure as indicated in the letter of admission they receive from the EUI.

Residents of Scotland are advised to follow the below procedure:

Scottish-domiciled students admitted to the EUI Doctoral programmes should contact the SAAS on 0300 555 0505 to request an application form. The completed application should be returned to SAAS at:

  • Student Awards Agency Scotland
  • Saughton House, Broomhouse Drive

The application will then be processed in the same manner as other support applications and the maintenance grant paid into the student’s bank account through the EUI. Note that like other applications it will not be available before mid-April.


Page last updated on 25 August 2017

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