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Interviews and Language Tests, General Information

Important Notice, Ph.D. Selection Procedure 2022-23

Due to the situation related to the Covid-19 public health emergency, all interviews and language tests will be organised by video conference call.

Schedule and Invitations 


In early March, pre-selected candidates are notified by the Admissions Office that they have been shortlisted.

When invited for the interivew, they receive an email featuring the complete set of interview details: time-slot, day. Candidates may not request that the time-slot, day and location are modified. 


General Interview Schedule for 2020-21

  • Monday 23 March: Departments: Economics, History & Civilization, Law, Political & Social Sciences
  • Tuesday 24 March: Departments: Economics, History & Civilization, Law, Political & Social Sciences
  • Wednesday 25 March: Departments: Economics, History & Civilization, Law, Political & Social Sciences
  • Thursday 26 March: Departments: Economics, Law, Political & Social Sciences
  • Monday 30 March: Candidates to the LL.M. Programme only
  • Tuesday 31 March: Candidates to the LL.M. Programme only
Participation in the interview is mandatory. For complete details regarding the interview, selected candidates should carefully consult: interview by video conference call, information page.


Interview Results, Admission Procedure

Candidates are informed of the outcome of their interview by e-mail in mid-April.

  • Successful candidates should reply to their offer by a specified date. The admission offer is only valid for the academic year for which the candidate has applied. Admission cannot be deferred. Candidates that wish start the programme the following academic year must re-submit a new application, following the standard application procedure that will open in November.
  • Reserve candidates will be contacted by the EUI only if a candidate selected for admission withdraws. Reserve candidates are usually contacted between April and June, but late admissions (July and August) are not uncommon.The EUI is not in a position to inform reserve candidates about their ranking or their chances of admission.
  • Candidates that are not successful are also notified by email.



Should you have any question or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office:


Page last updated on 15 February 2021

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