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Call for Ph.D. applications 2021-22

Deadline: 31 January 2021

  • The deadline for completing the application form and for the submission of references and all required documents is: 31 January 2021 (24:00 CET)




10 Reasons to Choose the EUI Doctoral Programme

  1. Fully funded, 4-year Ph.D. programme (tuition fees, living expenses are covered) leading to an internationally recognised Ph.D. degree.
  2. Leading international centre for doctorate and post-doctorate studies offering intensive supervision by internationally acclaimed faculty. 
  3. High completion rate: over 85% of admitted Ph.D. researchers successfully defend their doctoral thesis.
  4. One of the world’s largest doctoral programmes in a research-intense environment of more than 900 scholars and a well-connected alumni network.
  5. A close-knit and diverse community, international (80 nationalities represented), multi-lingual and gender-balanced, coming from a variety of academic and cultural backgrounds.
  6. Outstanding career prospects within academia, international organisations, and the public and private sectors.
  7. Intellectual independence supported by quality supervision and peer-interaction. The high number of ERC grants held by our faculty increases opportunities to get involved in cutting-edge research and become part of a broader research community and global research networks.
  8. Structured Ph.D. programme: we offer a wide range of subject-specific advanced courses taught by core faculty, workshops and training designed to support academic and professional development. There are also opportunities for international exchange programmes and placements.
  9. Specialised research, academic writing and welfare support, including a world-class Library with a strong open access policy, and many extra-curricular activities in sports, music, art, culture, food and more.
  10. Florence! The campus is spread across historic buildings in the Tuscan hills, and the city is strategically connected with many European cities and for exploring Italy at large.

#MyEUIExperience - EUI Ph.D. Researchers' and Alumni Testimonials

Giemza, Wojciech

Question: What aspects of the EUI have been particularly beneficial for your work?

For me, the EUI is the right place to do academic work. A vivid community of top-class scholars, interdisciplinary seminars particularly designed for Ph.D. studies, a well-structured programme and beautiful Tuscany prove to be a great combination for a Ph.D. researcher! You cannot get bored here, but you can still focus on your work. You find great peers—to befriend and to bounce ideas off of. And nowhere else would you have the chance to establish such a strong, genuine and supportive relationship with your supervisor.  […] Prepare yourself to expand your research horizons, and for countless opportunities to improve your academic, language and management skills! A vivid community of top-class scholars, interdisciplinary seminars particularly designed for Ph.D. studies, a well-structured programme and beautiful Tuscany prove to be a great combination for a Ph.D. researcher!

Wojciech Giemza, Ph.D. Researcher from Poland, Department of Law
Nielsen, Anne Sofie Cornelius

 Question: What aspects of the EUI have been particularly beneficial for your work?

I came to the EUI with a broad project knowing I would have to narrow it down during my first year. For this I found the wide selection of seminars across faculties beneficial, as these provided me with the opportunity to learn new methods and theories. I was particularly pleased as many of the seminars offered during my first year related directly to my topic, which helped me clarify my approach. The opportunity to discuss my topic with peers and professors from different academic and personal backgrounds has been most valuable for my work , be it during seminars, in the cafeteria, or even at the EUI gym. These conversations have brought insights into academic areas I had not considered and have taken my thesis in a more exciting direction.

 Anne Sofie Nielsen, Ph.D. Reseacher from Denmark, Department of Political and Social Sciences
Castellanos Silván, Juan

  Question: Is there anything unique to the EUI that has positively impacted your training as a researcher? 

From its people to its location, the EUI is an extraordinary place to pursue your Ph.D. Located in the Tuscan hills outside of Florence, it provides the perfect environment to minimize the distractions of the city and focus completely on your studies. But, at the same time, it also offers Florence’s magnificent renaissance art and architecture. Wandering around its streets is indeed a wonderful way to recharge your batteries! Hard to beat that, right?  
Anyhow, it is the EUI community that really makes this place special. Researchers, professors and other EUI members come from many different countries with a bag full of international experiences. It is true that this is in fact the norm rather than the exception in top-notch universities. However, it is the combination of this multicultural environment and a family-like atmosphere that really differentiates the EUI. As it has become even clearer since the COVID-19 outbreak, chance meetings with professors and other fellow researchers have a significant impact on your productivity and your ability to come up with research ideas. And, fortunately, these happen frequently at the EUI, either at the library, the canteen, or the hallways! But remember that from now on they will have to be from 6 feet away ;)

 Juan Castellanos Silván, Ph.D. Researcher from Spain, Department of Economics 


De Abreu Duarte, Francisco Miguel

 Question: Is there anything unique to the EUI that has positively impacted your training as a researcher? 
The EUI is really a unique place to study. As does any top university, it opens-up a world of opportunities for its researchers and promotes high-level scholarship. However, it is through its academic environment that the EUI proves to be different from any other academic institution in the world. As soon as you arrive, you sense that the EUI’s philosophy is to promote a friendly and supportive environment. You are here to think and develop as a person, not just as an academic. The community at the EUI helps you grow this way, through a non-competitive process of academic debate, workshops and horizontal discussions. This researcher-oriented environment allows Ph.D. researchers to be free from the pressures of success and to focus solely on improving themselves and their research. The EUI is truly a place to think; the kind and supportive environment makes it all possible.

 Francisco De Abreu Duarte, Ph.D. Researcher from Portugal, Department of Law 



Kittel, Rebecca

Question: How have you grown as a researcher since you started at EUI?

Starting a Ph.D. at the EUI was an adventure about which I felt both very excited but also slightly intimidated. I had many ideas about my research topic and I was keen on diving deeper into political science research. But I was also afraid that my ideas wouldn’t work out as planned, which I guess are somehow common doubts when you start a Ph.D. Especially in the beginning, it was figuring out day-by-day how academic life works. Thus, it felt and still feels like growing a bit every day to develop my research further. The EUI has been a great place that offers many opportunities to help me determine which ideas are feasible. There are seminars and workshops which provide general input. But also having face-to-face or zoom chats over a real or virtual coffee with one of the professors or other researchers is common to help your research grow. 

 Rebecca Kittel, Ph.D. Researcher from Germany, Department of Political and Social Sciences



Question: How do you look back on your EUI experience?

Answer: For me, there were many reasons to study at the EUI and, above all, it was the unique opportunity to work with top international scholars as colleagues and tutors, and to learn and develop in a truly interdisciplinary way. Your EUI experience can be a perfect platform for an academic career, and it also leads naturally to international organisations. Speaking these days from a recruitment perspective, I value the creativity, flexibility, independence and drive that a PhD at the EUI nurtures and promotes. And, if I could, I would grab the opportunity all over again...!

 Richard Burnley, EUI Department of Law alumnus from the UK, Now Director of Legal, European Broadcasting Union, Switzerland



Question: How do you look back on your EUI experience?

Answer: My years at the EUI were, by far, the most formative of my career. The EUI’s intellectual and cultural diversity gave me an unparalleled academic experience as I explored historical subjects and methodologies while developing my thesis. I interacted with researchers and professors from different schools of historical study and, often, with different disciplinary and methodological perspectives. This created an intellectual milieu in which I formed lifelong friendships.

The EUI encourages a professional and open approach to your PhD, equipping you with social and cultural skills that I have found useful in my career. It taught me the value of thinking about issues from a global perspective and with long-term strategies in mind. My EUI experience has proven determinative in different ways in my academic career and in my life as a whole.

Alanna O'Malley, EUI Department of History and Civilization alumna from Ireland, Now Professor, Leiden University The Netherlands



Question: What is your fondest memory of your EUI experience?

Answer: A day at the EUI was always well spent. I would begin with a morning workout biking up to Fiesole. I would attend meetings and seminars, before enjoying lunch with a view over Florence under blooming magnolia trees. My afternoon involved research in the library and I would conclude by joining friends in Bar Fiasco.

My EUI experience taught me not only how to find answers but, more importantly, how to ask questions. And, without doubt, it has helped me develop my future career, as I am now a lecturer at Cardiff University. I believe an EUI Ph.D. will open doors for you, within academia, institutions or policy-making, across Europe.

Wojciech Paczos, EUI Department of Economics alumnus from Poland, Now Lecturer, Cardiff University, UK


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