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Doctoral Programme

Applications Deadline: 31 January 2019 

The deadline for completing the application form and for the submission of references and all required documents is: 31 January 2019 (24:00 CET)

#MyEUIExperience - EUI Ph.D. Researchers' and Alumni Testimonials


Question: Looking back on the first year of your EUI experience, how has it changed you?

 Answer: When I came to Florence I just finished a two-year period after my graduation in which I tried out several different jobs. I experienced the civil service, the private sector and university teaching. These positions were great but did not provide complete fulfilment. At the EUI, I got exactly what I was looking for. Not merely doing research about something I am passionate about, but also the possibilities the EUI offers and the atmosphere around the campus and in Florence. The interaction with the professors and fellow students have improved my competences and enriched me socially. I wake up here with a sense of enthusiasm about the thought-provoking discussions, fun aperitivi and exciting stories I will hear. What more could I possibly wish for?  

 Jasper Paul Simons, EUI Department of Political and Social Sciences researcher, from the Netherlands 

Question: What would you say to a new researcher, about to start their EUI experience?

Answer: To a new researcher I would say, that while it is important to have goals and maintain momentum, the PhD is more than producing a thesis in four-year’s time. The structure of the History and Civilization program and the financial stability EUI provides allows you to take the time to broaden and deepen your understanding of the discipline. Talk with your fellow researchers and be open to learning about other sub-fields. It is these experiences that allow you to continuously examine your own work in a new light. Ultimately, this pushes you to become a better researcher. 

Rachel Trode, EUI Department of History and Civilization researcher, from Canada 
Matilda Merenmies3.

Question: What would you say to a new researcher, about to start their EUI experience?

Answer: I think the best part of doing a Ph.D. at the EUI is the active academic and social community. It’s easy to find engaging conversation and feedback for research, plus lively debates on broader topics. There are so many interesting seminars and talks, if you participated in everything you’d never have time for your own work!

The fact that there’s a cohort of researchers starting their Ph.D. at the same time creates good ground for peer support, something that is often missing for other institutions. At the EUI, it’s always really easy to invite peers or inspiring visiting scholars for a coffee and exchange ideas. 

 Matilda Merenmies, EUI Department of Law researcher, from Finland


Lukas Nord1.

Question: What would you say to a new researcher, about to start their EUI experience?

 Answer: What distinguishes the EUI as a truly great place to study are its people. They come from different countries and backgrounds and they all have a story to tell. The fact that the EUI is small, in comparison with most other top-level universities, makes it easy to get in touch with everyone, including the faculty. It creates a unique spirit of community and an ideal environment for lively discussions about anything and everything. While the first year of any Ph.D. in Economics is demanding, everything is easier when you have friends by your side.

 Lukas Nord, EUI Department of Economics researcher, from Germany


Chiara Comolli CV

Question: How do you look back on your EUI experience? 

Answer: The EUI is an international community of researchers and scholars linked by the passion for knowledge. At the EUI your motivation to learn grows and you are professionally enhanced by the researchers, professors and visiting fellows that you are in constant proximity with via numerous academic activities. 

Your EUI experience is also enriched by the non-academic life which connects and strengthens the community. Sport, music, art and travelling - whatever your interests - you will find your group of colleagues and friends. As a n alumna of the EUI, currently working as a post-doctoral researcher at Stockholm University, I am proud to have been part of this vibrant community.

 Chiara Ludovica Comolli, EUI Department of Political and Social Sciences alumna from Italy, Now Postdoctoral researcher, Stockholm University, Sweden



Question: How do you look back on your EUI experience?

Answer: For me, there were many reasons to study at the EUI and, above all, it was the unique opportunity to work with top international scholars as colleagues and tutors, and to learn and develop in a truly interdisciplinary way. Your EUI experience can be a perfect platform for an academic career, and it also leads naturally to international organisations. Speaking these days from a recruitment perspective, I value the creativity, flexibility, independence and drive that a PhD at the EUI nurtures and promotes. And, if I could, I would grab the opportunity all over again...!

 Richard Burnley, EUI Department of Law alumnus from the UK, Now Director of Legal, European Broadcasting Union, Switzerland



Question: How do you look back on your EUI experience?

Answer: My years at the EUI were, by far, the most formative of my career. The EUI’s intellectual and cultural diversity gave me an unparalleled academic experience as I explored historical subjects and methodologies while developing my thesis. I interacted with researchers and professors from different schools of historical study and, often, with different disciplinary and methodological perspectives. This created an intellectual milieu in which I formed lifelong friendships.

The EUI encourages a professional and open approach to your PhD, equipping you with social and cultural skills that I have found useful in my career. It taught me the value of thinking about issues from a global perspective and with long-term strategies in mind. My EUI experience has proven determinative in different ways in my academic career and in my life as a whole.

Alanna O'Malley, EUI Department of History and Civilization alumna from Ireland, Now Professor, Leiden University The Netherlands



Question: What is your fondest memory of your EUI experience?

Answer: A day at the EUI was always well spent. I would begin with a morning workout biking up to Fiesole. I would attend meetings and seminars, before enjoying lunch with a view over Florence under blooming magnolia trees. My afternoon involved research in the library and I would conclude by joining friends in Bar Fiasco.

My EUI experience taught me not only how to find answers but, more importantly, how to ask questions. And, without doubt, it has helped me develop my future career, as I am now a lecturer at Cardiff University. I believe an EUI Ph.D. will open doors for you, within academia, institutions or policy-making, across Europe.

Wojciech Paczos, EUI Department of Economics alumnus from Poland, Now Lecturer, Cardiff University, UK


Ph.D. Presentations

Why Choose the EUI Doctoral Programme?

  • Join our culturally diverse academic community – study alongside approximately 900 scholars from 75 countries
  • Develop your intellectual curiosity – well-structured Ph.D. programmes that enable original research in four disciplines 
  • A dynamic multi-lingual environment – work predominantly in English, while enjoying our view on the beautiful city of Florence
  • Fully-funded four-year Ph.D. programmes – approximately 150 scholarships offered annually
  • EUI alumni form an international professional network. Our alumni hold positions in academia (60%), national/public institutions (7%), law firms (7%), international organisations (6%), EU institutions (5%), the private sector (2%), NGOs (1.5%) and banks (1%)*

* Alumni Destination Survey 2018.

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