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EUI Fellowships

The EUI awards a number of fellowships for both young and senior academics. Please check the programme descriptions and eligibility criteria.

Max Weber fellowships are designed for junior post-docs who would like to pursue an academic career, concentrate on their own research and enhance their academic practice in a multidisciplinary environment. Max Weber Fellowships are open to candidates who have received a doctorate in the social sciences (economics, law, political science, sociology, history and related fields) within the last 5 years. 

Applicants for Max Weber Fellowships who are nationals and/or residents (please check details on eligibility) of Australia, Finland, Greece, Slovenia or Japan may be considered for the grant schemes (see 'Other Fellowships' below) that are run by funding bodies in these countries. We also anticipate that there may be similar arrangements for Portuguese and Slovenian nationals.

For complete information please see: Max Weber Fellowship: Why Apply to the MWP

The Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) offers Jean Monnet Fellowships to scholars who have obtained their doctorate at least 5 years before the start of the fellowship. During their stay at the RSCAS, fellows work on a research topic that fits well in the overall research profile of the RSCAS and participate in the academic life of the Centre and of the EUI. Jean Monnet Fellowships have a duration of 1 year, renewable once.

For complete information please see: Jean Monnet Fellowships

Fernand Braudel Senior Fellowships provide a framework for established academics with an international reputation to pursue their research at the EUI. Fellowships last for up to ten months in one of the EUI's four Departments which in turn invite fellows to participate in departmental activities(seminars, workshops, colloquia, etc.).

For complete information please see: Fernand Braudel Senior Fellowships

The School of Transnational Governance fellowship programme for young policy professionals is aimed at early- and mid- career policy makers, civic leaders, civil servants, journalists or scholars. Participants in the programme will have demonstrated a key interest or involvement in policy issues, notably at the level of politics, civil service, media, academia, or non-governmental organisations.

For complete information please see: Policy Leaders Fellowship


Other Fellowships

Some postdoctoral fellowships are also available through agreements with external funding bodies. Please check the descriptions and eligibility criteria.

The EUI (the Departments and the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies) acts as a host institution for Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships (IF) which are awarded by the European Commission. The EUI organises a pre-selection of candidates interested in applying for these fellowships with the EUI as a host institution.

For complete information please see:Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships (IF)

Australian European University Institute Fellowships Association Inc. awards annually one six-month Postdoctoral Fellowship for the period January-June. The Postdoctoral Fellowship is available to those who have graduated with a PhD qualification within the last five years and is open only to Australian citizens and/or residents who are also enrolled in a postdoctoral program at, or employed by, an Australian university. Eligible candidates who apply for EUI Max Weber Fellowship may be considered for AEUIFAI Max Weber Fellowship.

For more info please see: https://eeas.europa.eu/delegations/australia/35996/postgraduate-fellowships-european-university-institute_en

The Academy of Finland awards fellowships for post-doctoral research at the EUI. There is no strict nationality criteria, but a project to be funded shall serve Finnish research and society or international collaboration. 

Candidates who apply for the Academy of Finland funding, and are interested in the Max Weber Fellowship are strongly encouraged to apply also directly for admission to the Max Weber programme following the instructions given on the EUI Website.

The Canon Foundation and the EUI jointly award one Canon Foundation Fellowship each year for post-doctoral research at the EUI. The fellowship is open to candidates of Japanese nationality or permanent residents of Japan. The selected candidate will participate in the Max Weber programme.

Interested candidates should apply using instructions given on the website of the Canon Foundation and/or apply directly for the Max Weber programme following the instructions given on the EUI Website.

Applicants to the Max Weber Programme for 2018-2019 whose research area overlaps with the work of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva (IHEID) may be considered for the “EUI-IHEID” Fellowship, which involves a first year at the EUI and a second year at the IHEID. Applicants to the MWP wishing  to take advantage of this additional opportunity should indicate their willingness to be considered for it in their application by ticking the appropriate tab.
Τhe Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, for the academic year 2018-2019, will support the appointment of one Greek recent graduate in the context of EUI’s Max Weber postdoctoral programme. Τhe scholarship will be awarded by IKY (Greek State Scholarships Foundation) in collaboration with EUI. Candidates shall submit their applications and requested documents through the EUI’s Online Application Form in compliance with the EUI’s application procedures and deadlines. Candidates shall also submit to IKY a copy of their application along with requested documents in compliance with IKY’s application procedures and deadlines. Applicants must meet both EUI’s and IKY’s eligibility criteria. The selection shall be made by the EUI in accordance with Max Weber postdoctoral programme selection procedure. Before proceeding with the submission of application, please read carefully the relevant call for proposals, at https://www.iky.gr/el/upotrofies-gr/didaktoriko/kyepif.

The Slovene Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia will award a post-doctoral fellowship for the academic year 2018/19. The fellowship is available to Slovenian candidates who have received a doctorate within the last five years. The selected candidate will participate in the Max Weber programme.

Interested candidates should apply directly to the Max Weber programme following the instructions given on the EUI website. The deadline for applications is 25 October 2017. Eligible Slovenian candidates will automatically be considered for this Fellowship


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