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Malta joins the European University Institute

Posted on 08 June 2018

The European University Institute is proud to announce that Malta officially became a member of the EUI on 8 June 2018, making it the 23nd contracting state of the Institute.

Vanessa Frazier, Ambassador of Malta in Rome, was present at the High Council meeting on 8 June, in which Malta’s accession to the EUI was confirmed.  ‘Malta is happy to take its place within the European University Institute and looks forward to a very fruitful relationship with the EUI for the mutual benefit of our academia and researchers alike,’ said Ambassador Frazier.

With the accession, aspiring academics from Malta will have the opportunity to apply for a four-year Ph.D. grant at the EUI.

Commenting on the inclusion of Malta among EUI contracting states, Vincenzo Grassi, Secretary General of the European University Institute, said: ‘With Malta’s accession to the EUI, we have taken a significant step towards stronger cultural and academic integration and scientific excellence, objectives that we share and that are of ever greater importance in the dynamics of Europe today.’ 


Malta's flag now flies among those of the 23 contracting states to the Institute, along with that of the European Union.