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Corporate Identity

This project aims to create and promote brand awareness for the EUI, to promote the Institute's identity and its uniqueness and differentiate it from other academic institutions. The goal is to increase the Institute's reputation and attractiveness and to communicate its mission, its values and ethics.

Various strategies are developed and implemented to strengthen the identity and corporate image, through the use of the logo, the visual identity, and the consistency of the message in all EUI projects, actions, media, and contents.

Final products vary from corporate and academic publications to other kinds of printed and digital materials, press releases, web, video, multi-media, stationery, and merchandise.

EUI visual identity

Guide for the correct application and declination of the EUI visual identity.

To be applied consistently 
in ALL EUI projects, actions, media, and contents, from logos to stationery, publications and web.

Brand toolkit

The Design Unit provides:

  • Corporate templates
  • Guidelines
  • Designs
  • Production assistance

European Union funding

Any EUI official communication, publication or promotional material shall acknowledge funding from the European Union and shall display the European Union emblem. 


As of 1st January 2014, the EUI should acknowledge the Erasmus+ Programme.


Page last updated on 20 August 2017