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Alumni Accounts

Some members are eligible to become alumni and to receive an Alumni Account. Here below you find the services provided by ICT Service to holders of an alumni account.

An Alumni Account Gives:

  • Access to the public computers such as in the Computer Rooms
  • Wireless network access via EUI-WiFi
  • A standard EUI email address (expiring users who opt for the alumni services account will keep their existing email address)
  • A login valid for use in the common-access Computer Rooms, for wireless access to the EUI-WiFi network, and for VPN remote connection
  • 20,00 Euro non-cumulative photocopy/print quota (per membership year)
  • Full access to the EUI Alumni website

An Alumni Account Does NOT Give:

  • Access to EUI software licences (for personally-owned computers) or remote computing facilities (such a s Citrix Farm and HPC cluster)
  • Access to web intranet









Useful Information:

Alumni and expiring users interested in obtaining this service should consult the Alumni Association webpage for details such as:

  • to know whether you qualify to become an EUI Alumnus
  • a full outline of facilities (such as Library access) provided by the EUI
  • costs and further benefits


If you wish to become a member of the Alumni Association, you are advised to apply for a membership before leaving the EUI [1]. Accounts left expired for a number of months before the user joins the Alumni Association will need to be re-created, and the user cannot expect to find again the old mail and data.

Alumni accounts are granted on a yearly basis from 1 October to 30 September.


Please Note:

The activation and renewal of Alumni mail accounts is done exclusively on the basis of information transmitted by the Alumni Association to the ICT Service [2]: the ICT Service can take no action in the matter.






[1] = If you take an Alumni Association membership before your EUI account expires, we convert the existing account into an Alumni Account. Please note that you will get no data storage on the server so it is advisable to clear and/or backup existing data. Any remaining photocopy/print quota will be available until August 31st and will not be cumulated with the Alumni quota. As of September only the Alumni quota will be available. Please refer to the Printing Services Policy for the most up-to-date information.

[2] = Depending on the type of payment, it may take from a week to 10 days for official confirmation to reach the ICT Service so that a recently expired account can be reactivated.



Page last updated on 20 August 2017