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Password Portal


You can change your EUI password at any time wherever you are--so long as you know your current password.

The password functions are available from your profile in Microsoft Azure. You can reach your profile via Web browser at: 


You will be presented with a login screen similar to the one for WebMail. Login with your usual eui.eu email address and current password.

This will bring you to your profile.


  Figure 1: Microsoft Azure Profile


Click on Change password.


  Figure 2: Password change screen


Fill in the required information and submit. So long as your new password meets the Strong Password requirements, your password will be changed immediately. Otherwise you will see:


  Figure 3: Unacceptable password

and you will have to try again.


Note that it is also possible to reach the Change password screen from within WebMail by going to any of the app settings (Options) and clicking on "My account", which is found under General.


 Figure 4: Getting to the Change password screen from WebMail


N.B. You are strongly advised to set up the self-service password reset to make your life easier in case you should ever forget your password!


A Word of Caution

In carrying out all these operations, use the utmost discretion. Be careful that you are not observed while typing in your password. Never leave your workstation while you are logged into your Microsoft Azure Profile. Close the browser completely once you are finished.



Page last updated on 05 December 2017