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Remote Computing

The Citrix Didactic Farm (Citrix) is a centralised series of servers that allows you to run research software for didactic purposes remotely, in a user-friendly environment:



Accessing Citrix

Citrix can be accessed worldwide via most common web browsers from this link: https://citrix.eui.eu/.

The link is always available as well in the Quick Links section of the ICT Homepage.



The Citrix Farm hosts most of the research software available on Computer Room PCs (for a full list, please check Available Software).

Its main purpose is to provide users (mainly Researchers and Fellows) a research software environment on their personally-owned laptops while attending classes/workshops at the EUI.

Please Note: Citrix is NOT intended for heavy computational tasks as its computational performance is NOT adequate for such a purpose.! Please contact the IT User Support if you are in need of a high-speed computing facility.

Its main advantages are:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Windows based software "like on your EUI desktop"
  • Jobs running "live" (interactive mode)
  • Personal network area (G:  Drive) directly accessible


Software Available

The list of research software available on Citrix is detailed here.


Using Citrix

Detailed instructions on how to use Citrix are available here.


Citrix Usage Policy

The rules governing the use of Citrix are detailed here



  • If you require tutoring on software please see the relevant Research Software Tutor.
  • For technical issues (such as cannot access Citrix) you should contact your local IT User Support office.
  • Common problems and FAQ can be found in the Known Issues menu of the ICT Homepage.



Page last updated on 20 August 2017