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Internet Access at Pian di Mugnone Flats

EUI researcher housing in Pian di Mugnone (PDM) has WiFi access provided by a firm called Wi4Net under supervision of the ICT Service.

The capacity of the internet link is constantly monitored and balanced in order to guarantee an equal distribution of good Internet performance among all users.

In this context please note that the continuous and systematic use of peer-to-peer (P2P) resource may be automatically slowed down and/or stopped if it results preventing other users from having a good Internet experience.



Support is provided directly by Wi4Net while the ICT Service monitors issues when they arise. Furthermore, all communications sent to Wi4Net are in copy to the ICT User Support and to the Housing Office.

The below procedure describes how to file a support request covering the following issues:

  • Username and password necessary to access the service;
  • Requests for Partner Accounts;
  • Malfunctioning of WiFi equipment and related issues.



  1. Do NOT open a ticket on the EUI Helpdesk; but instead

  2. Write an email detailing the nature of your request to [email protected], making sure of the following:

    - always send the support request from your EUI email account;
    - always cite your EUI email address in the body of your message;
    - always cite the flat and block you are living in/referring to;
    - if requesting access for your partner, always specify the name of the partner.
  3. Note that depending on the technician who deals with your request, replies from the support team will arrive to you (in the form of an email) from different addresses than the one you wrote to.

    Do NOT reply and/or directly write to these addresses as this will cause the ICT Service and Housing Office to lose track of your support request!
  4. Instead, in case follow-up is needed, forward your replies again to [email protected];


  5. If you think your problem has not been solved in a reasonable time, forward your complaint in the form of an email message again to  [email protected] and the ICT Service will then intervene directly.


Please Note: failure to follow the above procedure and/or contacting directly the ICT User Support and/or the Housing Office directly may cause delays in providing assistance! 



Page last updated on 14 October 2019