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Culinary Club

To become a member of the Culinary Club, please contact Tomasz Michalec.

The first meeting is in the first week of October 2012.


The menu for the first meeting is:

Faggioli and calamari worm salad; bruschette with concassé tomatoes, caviar d’aubergine and fegato, And wine.


Some technical information:

Tomasz spent last year learning about Tuscan cuisine: dishes, products, techniques. He took part in several internships in very good restaurants/osterias and worked in a 5 star boutique hotel as chef de partie for antipasti. His knowledge of this great local cuisine is good. This year he intends to cook much more of it. Everyone is invited to bring their own input to the club with national and/or favourite dishes.

1. Content: French, international and a lot of Italian/local cuisine. For example: cacciucco, cibreo, bruschette/fettunte with local spreads.

2. How and when: The meetings will take place every second week in a location to be confirmed. Meetings will be in English. Tomasz will provide the technique (step by step description) of  all the dishes a few days before the meeting. Min 4 people, max 8 to 10 people per meeting.

3. Equipment: An apron to protect  clothing during the cooking and a small paring knife, (this can be bought in a ferramento in Florence .

4. The cost: 20 EUR per person. It covers: products, equipment, utility cost, and wine.


Our program will be richer than before:

A. Besides the bi-weekly meetings, Tomasz is hoping to organize meetings and demonstrations with local chefs. The groups will consist of 10-15 people max. depending on the size of the kitchen so participants can have a good hands on experience.

B. There will also be visits to producers of oil, wine and other local products.The visits will take place during the week-ends or during the week if there is sufficient interest. Number of people, at least 4, max will depend on transport.

C. Visits to local markets, bio-markets, slow food producers.

D. Wine presentation and degustation with a local sommelier.

E. Street food and great local gelaterias will be also be on the agenda.

F. Cooking with kids, an interesting and funny way of spending time with children and maybe getting them to eat the things that they will normally refuse.

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