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Engaged Academics




Working Group of the EuropeanUni connecting young scholars with civil society.




Civil society and academia are usually considered distant worlds, which often do not speak the same language and with very few things to share. 

However, we believe that academics shall feel part of a broader community and not isolate themselves in libraries and ivory towers. This is why we decided to form a group of engaged academics at the EUI, researchers willing to share their knowledge and expertise with a broader generalist public. 

We believe that our initiative pursues the twofold objective of making civil society benefit from EUI researchers' skills and competences, and providing young engaged academics - from every department - with a “civil society perspective” on their research topics. 

In practice, the purpose of this WG is thus to organise public debates, conferences and roundtables with citizens, local associations, schools and other institutions on the current challenges that the EU and the global community are facing (migration, social policy, gender equality issues, environmental and human rights protection threats, etc.).

In the last two years, we organised more than 25 events open to the public, we met students from primary and high schools, we met citizens in bars and conference rooms, in "case del popolo" as well as in other universities. We met artists and members of local institutions in squares and beautiful offices and established a solid connection between the EUI community and the local civil society. 

In this regard, at the moment, we are working "locally" (in Florence and its surroundings), therefore to be a member of our group a decent level of Italian would be much appreciated. However, non-Italian speakers can also participate in some of our projects. We look forward to welcoming new EUI members in our amazing group!

Page last updated on 12 April 2021

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