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Foodie Club


How do I join?

Join the Whatsapp group where planning on the day takes place.

And then just start signing yourself up as participant in the spreadsheet or put in dates and menus for dinners to host! 




Foodie Club is a group that co-creates dinners where we cook and eat together. The host decides a menu, place and time, and sets a limit on the number of people they can host. The host takes lead on cooking, but generally, the Foodie club should be as much about cooking as about eating, and other club members should show up to help with the cooking and the cleaning up afterwards.

 If someone would like to host but does not have access to good cooking facilities or many seats there is also the option of co-hosting with someone who has access to a bigger place. A host could also suggest a potluck


Anyone can join and anyone can host, researchers, staff, professors, visiting fellows, partners, etc. But the number of plates/seats in any one iteration may be limited, to be most fair, seats should be allocated on a first come first served basis. Dinner where you just invite the people you know are lovely, but they are not Foodie Club.

How much?

The meal should be co-paid. The host sets the menu and makes a rough guess on how much it will cost. The price will differ depending on the menu. Most menus will probably be around the cost of an Apertivo and include a glass of wine, but we might want to do cheaper nights as well or we might explore gorging ourselves on truffles from a nearby festival. Any cash left over each night will go into the Foodie Club wallet for next iteration. As a rule, participants should pay the host before the event, especially if it is a big menu or a large number of participants.

Page last updated on 20 September 2021

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