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Gamers' Corner


Where: Bar Fiasco, a member's home, the Stratagemma game shop in the city, or a bar near you!

The Gamers' Corner is the home of board-gaming at the EUI and aims to bring together tabletop players of all kinds.

In the past, we have successfully had board-game nights in Bar Fiasco where people brought their own games and players broke up into smaller groups to try new things, such as Exploding Kittens or Seven Wonders or play old favourites such as Settlers of Catan or Carcassonne. Members have also met up to play Magic, The Gathering (which makes for a great coffee break game) as well as tabletop Role Playing Games such as the Call of Cthulhu or Pathfinder.

The Gamers', Corner also organises card games (such as Poker) and chess.


The beauty of gaming is its flexibility, While we try to have events which can bring people together either for an evening or for a day during the weekend, for the most part, the group breaks off according to what people want to do, whether it is a poker night in the dim lights of Fiasco or a lively Jungle Speed on the (hypothetical) roof terrace of one of our flats.


If you like any sort of tabletop games, as a casual gamer or a hard-core fan, you are more than welcome to join our merry band. Please get in touch with Fabian, Karlis or Wojciech if you want to be part of this club!

Page last updated on 27 January 2022

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