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Karate is a relatively new 4B activity at the EUI. The course is open to beginners and advanced levels. 


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A comprehensive introduction into karate will be given. That means we will cover (1) fundamental principles of how to stand, to move, to defend yourself and to maximise the power of your techniques, (2) traditional basic techniques, also important for belt-graduations, (3) practical application for self-defence in real life. We will do partner exercises and improve our body control. Exercises for stretching, fitness and muscle strength are also necessary, but “blood, sweat and tears” are not the main aim of the course and we will avoid health risks.

About the teacher: Rasmus studied Wado-Ryu Karate intensively from age 15 to 22 and passed his black belt graduation in the 1990s with Sensei Teruo Kono (8th Dan). Since then he has also been practicing Shotokan and Modern Shotokai.

Page last updated on 20 September 2019