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Knitting Circle


A new Knitting Circle is starting up!

Interested in some cosy and mindful knitting?


For more info contact:



Welcome to the Knitting Circle

If you are a knitter, join us!

We can knit our own projects, do charity knitting and beginners can learn how to knit.

Other fiber artists are also welcome!


Why knitting?

Did you know that evidence based research* shows knitting has positive health benefits, physical and mental:

• Lowers blood pressure

• Reduces depression and anxiety

• Slows the onset of dementia

• Is as relaxing as yoga

• Distracts from chronic pain

• Provides an opportunity for creativity

• Increases sense of wellbeing

• Reduces loneliness and isolation

• Increases sense of usefulness and inclusion in society



*a.o. Blanche, E.I. (2007). “The Expression of Creativity through Occupation.” Journal of Occupational Science 14(1): pp. 21-29; Hosegood, B. (2009). “Whip Your Hobby into Shape: Knitting, Feminism, and Construction of Gender.” Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture 7(2): pp.148-63.

Who can join



Every first Tuesday of the month at 18.00.

Page last updated on 08 March 2019