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Mojo Music Club


We run a mailing list to keep members updated about the plans of the Mojo Music Club. If you want to be included, please contact us. We also have  Facebook group for the rock and jazz sessions, which you can join. We hope to meet you soon, and in the meanwhile: rock on!


The Mojo Music Club consists of a collection of motivated individuals associated with the EUI (researchers, staff members, and friends) who believe that the spirit of Rock’n’Roll and Jazz should not be lost in the hills of Fiesole. The group has two core activities: (1) monthly jam sessions in Bar Fiasco, where a drumkit, keyboards, mics, as well as a guitar and bass amps are set up for anyone to take the stage and play; (2) monthly Jazz jams, kicked off by a house band followed by a jam session. In the past people with similar musical tastes and talents have met at the jam session, and go on to create a band that ends up performing in Fiasco and for the June Ball.


Just come to Bar Fiasco on a jam session with the desire to play and possibly ideas for songs you would want to try with other members of the Mojo Music Club. In the music room of Bar Fiasco can be found: drums, keyboards, mics as well as guitar and bass amps. Needless to say, Fiasco also has a mixing board, speakers for the keys and mics, and monitors.


Interested instrumentalists and vocalists of all abilities, and spectators of course.


Bar Fiasco.

Fiasco management will post announcements of the jam sessions. Additionally, there is an email list which you can sign up for to keep up to date. Just email one of the contacts above and ask to be signed up.


Page last updated on 09 February 2022

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