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Pro Arts Group


Pro Arts Group! is composed of EUI researchers, professors and staff members. Every year since 2013, at the end of spring, it has organised a Festival of Arts.                                                               





Pro Arts Group! aims at fostering the organization of cultural events inside or outside the campus, by the EUI Community. If you have any talent (in music, dance, poetry, painting, videos, photography, etc.) or need more people to assist you with your own performance, do not hesitate to contact us. Consider us as a tool for creating new cultural projects, and bringing people together.

Il Festival of Arts è un grande lavoro di passione, dietro il quale c'è tutto l'impegno e la capacità delle artiste e degli artisti che lo realizzano. Ci ricorda che possiamo ancora emozionarci ascoltando poesia e musica, vedendo teatro e danza. Grazie per non farci dimenticare quanto sia importante questa parte di noi.

Camilla Salvi, Language Centre EUI- Lingua Italiana


The festival of arts is my favourite tradition at the EUI: at the end of the term and the beginning of summer time, it is a perfect occasion to relax in the beautiful gardens of Villa Schifanoia with excellent music, theatre performances, dance and poetry readings. It's amazing how many talented and creative people the EUI has and it's always a pleasure for me to plan, carry out and enjoy this magic event together with them!

  Annelie Grosse, PhD researcher, HEC


The EUI Festival of arts is a unique emotional experience. In Villa Schifanoia a melange of poetry, theatre, painting, music, dance flourish for a day... all arts together in a symphony that greets the desiderato summer. Everybody is welcome to participate, to liberate from the daily routine, and embrace the enigmatic breath of the arts

Ricardo Garcia, former PhD researcher, LAW 

Page last updated on 12 April 2021

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