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Thoughts for Europe

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Thoughts for Europe (TfE) organises regular debates in Bar Fiasco every 3 weeks which are open to the whole EUI community.

Watch out for our 2019 special: the MEP debate series!


Welcome to Thoughts for Europe

Interested in European politics and decision-making? 
Confused about the Brexit process? 
Curious about the 2019 European Parliamentary elections? 
Puzzled by the rise of extremism in Europe?

Grab a drink and join Thoughts for Europe (TfE) to discuss European topics in a non-academic setting!

TfE is an EUI researchers-led initiative which aims at creating an informal space for debating the future of Europe, and in which different views can be represented and confronted. We intend to promote policy-oriented discussions that take account of the political reality of our community and think of the EU in pragmatic terms.
In addition to regular debates, TfE organises special sessions from February to April 2019 in the context of the 2019 European Parliamentary elections.


The Regular Debates

Every three weeks, TfE organises a debate in Bar Fiasco around a specific EU-related topic. An EUI researcher with knowledge or interest starts by shortly introducing the theme of the evening. A 45-minute moderated discussion follows, concluded by a 10-minute wrap-up session. Minutes are sent to our mailing list in the week following the debate.

Thanks to our experts we have so far explored: 

  • European Parliament, who cares?
  • Give me my (EU) money back!
  • Money money money, in the EU’s world
  • Should the EU be afraid of the big (Russian) wolf? EU-US trade relations
  • The War on experts
  • Does the EU need a nuclear deterrent capacity?


Up for a talk, a subject in mind? Drop us a line!

The 2019 Special: the MEP Debate Series

In light of the approaching 2019 European Parliamentary elections, TfE organises a series of debates with Members of the European Parliament (MEP) candidates from February to April 2019.

The aim is to raise awareness amongst the EUI community regarding the elections and to provide a platform for constructive exchanges of views.

Each debate welcomes one or two candidates from the same political group and lasts around one hour. Candidates represent the full political spectrum. They are selected following objective criterion such as the prospective political weight, gender equality and geographical balance.

Who can join


The TfE debates are open to the whole EUI community and aim at fostering open-mindedness towards all positions, visions, and voices – be they pro or against EU politics and policies. 


The regular debates takes place in Bar Fiasco (Badia Fiesolana) every three weeks on the evening.


Subscribe to our mailing list at [email protected] to receive more information on the time and topic of the debate.
Otherwise, watch out for our posters and Facebook events! 

Page last updated on 12 April 2021

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