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Living in Florence

Average monthly expenses for a person living in a single room in a flat-share in Florence

Average Monthly Expenses: Total 1.200 EUR per month
 Basic Goods & ServicesApproximate Monthly Expenses (EUR) Notes
 Rent  420  For a single room in a 3-person flat-share
 Utilities (Electricity, Heating etc.)  80  Approximate monthly average
 Telephone and Internet  30  Smartphone plan and home internet
 Transport  35  Monthly bus pass
 Supermarket, Food, Essentials  250  
 EUI Canteen  95  20 weekday lunches (full menu)
 Breakfast/Coffee Bar  50  
 Shoes, Clothing  80  
 Other Expenses  60  Emergency, medical, postage etc.
 Leisure  100  


Page last updated on 03 September 2019