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Housing and Covid-19: What if?

We would like herewith to provide some useful information on housing issues that EUI members are currently facing, both at the EUI residences and on the private market, and the dedicated support that is being provided.

It is almost impossible to cover all different cases, but you can find here below a list of the most relevant questions and the related answer:



1) My contract has expired (or will expire soon), but I couldn’t/cannot carry out check-out procedures because I am no longer in Florence and my stuff and belongings are still at the Flats: how can I organize the removal ?

Considering the current difficulties in organizing moving operations, all tenants whose contracts are expiring soon or have already expired are given the possibility to carry out the removal within the deadline of 30 JULY 2020, regardless of the termination date of the contract: however, should we need the flat earlier than 30 July for other potential tenants, and your contract has already expired, we kindly ask you to carry out moving operations as soon as possible. If you don’t know anyone to perform the task on your behalf, we can suggest the EUI outsourced company (see details here): all belongings will be packed and shipment or storage will be finalized at the tenant’s expenses.

Please note: in case you ask someone you trust to take care of the removal, this person should get in touch with the Housing office ([email protected]) to comply with the relevant procedure.


2)   I had booked an EUI Flat, but due to the circumstances I can no longer come to the EUI so I had to cancel my reservation: what happens to the deposit I have already paid ?

All newcomers having booked an EUI Flat from March to September 2020 and having to cancel their reservation due to force majeure (= health emergency) will receive their entire deposit back.


3)    I would like to apply for an EUI flat for the next Academic year: will there be the usual allocation procedure ? What happens if I am assigned a flat and I cannot come to Florence in September ?

The Allocation procedure will be carried out as usual and will be available as of 4 May. If you get an EUI flat for the next academic year, you will be asked to pay a deposit to secure the booking: in case you cannot come to Florence due to force majeure (= health emergency), you will receive the entire deposit back.



1)      I am renting a flat in Florence/Fiesole through FHS but I left Florence before the lockdown: can I get a suspension of the rent or a reduction due to the circumstances ? Is there a Governmental provision to be advocated ?

Please note that the Decrees issued so far by the Italian Government do not foresee any reduction on rental fees concerning lease agreements on the private market: landlords are therefore taking individual decisions to reduce or suspend rents/utilities. 

Please note: in these specific cases you are strongly invited to contact FHS, who will assist you and provide negotiation on individual basis.


2)      I have booked a flat on the private market with FHS, but due to the circumstances I can no longer come to the EUI so I had to cancel my reservation: what happens to the deposit I have already paid ?

All newcomers having booked an EUI Flat between March and September 2020 on the private market through FHS and having to cancel their reservation due to force majeure (= health emergency) will receive the best possible assistance by FHS staff in negotiating the eventual refund of the booking deposit.


3)      I have received a request of renewal of my lease contract for the next academic year from FHS but I do not know yet if I can or wish to renew: what shall I do?

The email about the eventual renewal of existing rental contracts for the next Academic year refers to the GENERAL INTENTION of the tenant, and does not entail any legal obligation to extend the contract itself: practically speaking, FHS needs to have a clear overview of properties available for the next academic year to be offered to newcomers, in order to provide a proper service to EUI prospect users.

We are all very much uncertain about what is going to happen in the next months, but it is also crucial to plan future developments taking into account the eventuality that academic activities resume as usual.

This said, all researchers who are currently uncertain about the possibility of renewing their contract or who need more time to decide, are invited to contact directly FHS to negotiate the extension of the deadline.


4)      I would like to confirm a flat for the next Academic year through FHS but I don’t know if I can come to Florence in September: what happens if I book ?

Before confirming the rental you should clarify with FHS the refund conditions of the deposit in case you are unable to come to Florence due to force majeure, as they might change from one landlord to the other. FSH will do their best to guarantee the negotiation of the safest conditions for your contract.


Please do not hesitate to contact the Housing Office for any further enquiries you might have: we will do our best to accommodate all requests and provide help and support as far as possible !




Page last updated on 11 June 2020