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Academic Text Revision and Editing Service

The service is intended to get articles, conference papers, working papers etc. revised. The required working hours for the revision and editing of a text depends not only on the length of the text but also on the types and numbers of errors, text ambiguities etc. Therefore a dialogue between author and language editor regarding the expectations and the estimate of working hours is highly important.


All EUI fellows should get in contact with their respective administrative coordinator.

Procedure for submitting a text

1. Contact the corrector on the list (following the ranking) to check how many hours would be needed for her/him to do the job.

2. Contact the Language Centre Assistant to check if the required number of hours is still available within the respective framework contract.

3. Open a financial commitment with the Financial Management of your Unit, attaching the approval from the Language Centre Assistant.

4. Confirm the job to the corrector.

English text revisers and editors

Following an Open Call for tender for the provision of English text revision and editing for academic purposes the following framework contracts have been allocated to:

1. Alyson Price
2. David Barnes
3. Lisa Robbins

Thesis correctors

Only for thesis corrections.

A thesis corrector can only be contracted for other editing jobs if there is a good justification for not using the ‘official’ editors. In such cases a SAR containing the justification (i.e. unavailability of the ‘official’ editors, special expertise …) should be submitted to the Director of the Academic Service submitted via SAR.

Any other external correctors

Only under exceptional circumstances and if approved by the Director of the Academic Service via SAR.


Page last updated on 03 October 2019