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Proposing and Writing a Book Review

Book reviews are all around us, but who writes them and how do they get commissioned? What are the benefits of writing one? Can I criticize a major scholar in my field?



English 614 

Proposing and Writing a Book Review 
PhD researchers 2nd, 3rd, 4th year 







Time & Place

14 April- 19 May











Ben Carver



Proposing and Writing a Book Review

A book review is likely to be the first piece you have published in a major journal in your field. It’s also an excellent format to clarify your thoughts on a major work in your research area. This course starts with advice on choosing a book and how to approach a journal, and after a week’s break (for you to read your book), the following sessions cover the style and structure of a book review, and how you use the review to clarify (even promote) your own work. We will be reading published reviews in different fields, and sharing our own reviews in progress. The principal outcome of the course, apart from a better understanding of the form, will be a completed review submitted to your chosen journal.

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