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Writers' Lab

 or "Shut up and write!"


In the event that Italy is still on lockdown, but you would like to write in virtual company with access in real-time to an English Unit facilitator, the Writers' Lab will be organised online. Enrol if you are interested in this eventuality.
  • Do you suffer from Writer's Block?
  • Do you have difficulty managing time?
  • Do you simply like the idea of a structured writing space with inbuilt support?

The Writers' Lab might be the place for you. 




Where and when is the Writers' Lab held?

The Writers' Lab begins 21 April. 








drop in between 9:00-13.00

English Unit facilitator



What is the Writers' Lab?

The Writers' Lab is a protected writing space, similar to a 'Writing Boot Camp' or 'Shut up and write!' sessions, but with expert support available when you need it. 

For two, three or even four hours every week you can simply 'shut up and write' in the company of other writers. The Wrtiers'Lab is not a course. You can join in at any time between 9.00 and 13.00 on Tuesday mornings. 

If you need support, a member of the English Unit will be in the room all morning quietly working alongside you. If you have any questions, she/he will step outside with you to help. 

The Writers' Lab begins in April.

Who can participate in the Writers' Lab?

Any member of the EUI can participate in the Writers' Lab.

It is open to researchers, staff members, fellows and partners. 

If you need to write, you can participate.

What do I have to do to participate in the Writers' Lab?

The Writers' Lab is not a course. Anyone who needs to write can participate.

You do not need to sign up for the Writers' Lab. You can join in whenever you like. The Writers' Lab begins in April.

There is no obligation to come every week. 

The most productive academic writers are, however, those that make writing a habit (Boice 2000; Krashen 2002; Belcher 2009).

One way of creating habits is by creating an outside commitment, so we suggest you commit to coming along by signing up with the Language Centre Assistant. Put 'Writers Lab Commitment' in the title.

Make this a weekly two, three or even four hours dedicated to your writing.

If you would like a reminder email on Monday evenings, sign up with the Language Centre Assistant.

What do I need to bring to the Writers' Lab?

Bring your laptop.

Bring any texts you need.

Bring a thermos or change for the coffee machine.

Bring determination to write.




Page last updated on 26 March 2020