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FIESOLE Group Members and their Home Institutions

In addition to the members of the EUI Unit for English for Academic Communication and Professional Development, members of the group include faculty and language professionals from various higher education institutions across Europe. 


FIESOLE Group members can be found at the following institutions

EUI Badia Fiesolana

European University Institute

Florence, Italy


FIESOLE Group contacts


Nicki Hargreaves

Teacher of English for Academic Purposes and teacher trainer




humboldt university

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Berlin, Germany


FIESOLE Group contact 

David Bowskill

Lecturer in English for Legal and Academic Purposes



Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Barcelona, Spain


FIESOLE Group contact 

Mireia Trenchs

Vicerector for Teaching and Academic Planning




Universita di Siena

Siena, Italy


FIESOLE Group contact

Laurie Anderson

Professor of English language and translation



London School of Economics

London, UK


FIESOLE Group contacts

Neil McLean

Director of LSE Teaching and Learning Centre and LSE Language Centre

Alison Standring

Language Coordinator (EAP)



University of Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark


FIESOLE Group contact

Joyce Kling Soren

Postdoctoral Fellow with a focus on English medium instruction and assessment



College d'Europe

Bruges, Belgium


FIESOLE Group contact

Angela O'Neill

Director of Communications and Languages



Institute of Education University College of London, London, UK


FIESOLE Group contact

Mary Scott

Founder and leader of Interuniversity Academic Literacies research network




Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin, 
Dublin, Ireland


FIESOLE Group contact

Sarah O'Brien

Director of Centre for English Language Learning & Teaching 



Masaryk University, Brno,

Czech Republic


FIESOLE Group contact

Libor Štěpánek

Director of the Language Centre


Further FIESOLE Group members

Lynn McAlpine

FIESOLE Group member

Lynn McAlpine

Professor of Higher Education Development


FIESOLE Group member

Nick Byrne

Former Director LSE Language Centre


Page last updated on 31 July 2019