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French 201: A2-B1

Listening, comprehension and speaking skills for an academic environment

This course is addressed to learners with a previous knowledge of French who frequented the A2 and B1 courses during the last term or who were assigned to this course after the placement test.



EUI language courses are free for EUI PhD and LL.M. researchers, but most other EUI members have to pay a nominal fee. To check course fees click on total hours.


French 201

Communication skills in an academic environment

CEFR level A2/B1

All EUI members

Length of course

24 weeks, 63 hours divided into 3 terms:

First term:

18 October 

08 December 2021

 8 weeks

24 hours

Second term:

17 January 

25 March 2022

10 weeks



Third term:

26 April

3 June 2022

 6 weeks



Third term starts on 27 April



13:30 - 15.00

Place & Instructor


Grice Room

Peggy Darrault


French 201: Listening, comprehension and speaking skills for an academic environment

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, students will

  • be able to understand spoken French in everyday situations
  • be able to speak French with a correct pronunciation
  • be able to participate in French conversation on everyday topics
  • be more confident in speaking French


Course contents

Course materials are provided by the French teacher.

The course includes work on the following:

  • Listening comprehension: listening and understanding audiovisual contents
  • Improving French pronunciation
  • Enhance current vocabulary
  • Speaking skills: presentations on themes of participants’ choice; expressing personal opinions on simple subjects

Learning methods and activities

Activities in class include:

  • Communicative approach to stimulate speaking and understanding
  • Task-based approach
  • Error correction in groups and at class level

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