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French September: A1-A2

Basic communication and listening skills in an academic environment

This course is addressed to learners with a French language knowledge between the levels A1 and A2.



EUI language courses are free for EUI PhD and LL.M. researchers, but most other EUI members have to pay a nominal fee. To check course fees click on total hours.


French 102

Listening and speaking skills


All EUI members except for 1st year researchers


Time & Place

3-29 September

12 hours

  • Tuesday 15.00-16.30
  • Thursday 15.00-16.30


French 102: Basic communication and listening skills in an academic environment

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, students will

  • be able to understand simple spoken French
  • be able to speak French with acceptable pronunciation
  • be able to participate in simple French conversations
  • be more confident in speaking French 


Course contents

Course materials:

Cosmopolite A1 (Hachette)


The course includes work on the following:

  • Listening comprehension: listening and understanding audiovisual documents
  • Improving pronunciation: French phonetic features
  • Speaking skills: expressing personal opinions on simple subjects

Learning methods and activities

Activities in class include:

  • Communicative approach to stimulate speaking and understanding
  • Task-based approach
  • Error correction in groups and at class level

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