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Academic Emailing in English: Effective and Affective Approaches


  • Have you ever struggled with writing important emails?
  • Do your emails reflect your professional persona?
  • Are you familiar with the expectations of emails in the Anglo-American academic culture?


This workshop on academic emails focuses on a range of strategies for writing clear, effective and professional emails. The areas we will be looking at include:

  • The expected level of formality in emails 
  • The 'moves' of an effective email
  • Coming across as 'human' in your emails but without losing professionality and impact

These and other issues will be dealt with in this 90-minute, informal workshop, investigating the English of emails from both a socio-cultural and a linguistic perspective.


Next session:   Date:   Wednesday 21 November 2018

                        Time:   11.00-12.30

                        Room:  Convento, Grice


How to enrol in the Academic Emailing Workshop

Write an email to the Language Centre Assistant.

If you have any questions, contact the Language Centre Assistant.


Pre-workshop task

One of the aims of this short workshop is to learn ‘strategies’ for creating emails appropriate to the occasion.

In order to make this as relevant as possible to your own situation, you will be asked to describe your experience of a problematic situation involving an email/exchange of emails.

When you enrol, you will be sent more details on this task. 

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