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Academic Presentations support


Presenting one’s research clearly in public is an essential skill for an academic. 

The EUI English Unit provides support for researchers preparing academic presentations in various ways: 

Semi-intensive courses on academic presentations

These courses are offered every September to first-year researchers.

You will develop the skills necessary to present successfully

  • verbal: what you say
  • vocal: how you use your voice
  • visual: from body language to visual aids

As lack of confidence is often an issue, we also work on building up confidence throughout the course.

In the last week of the September semi-intensive course, you will take what you have learnt and present some aspect of your research to your class. Both your colleagues and your teacher will give you feedback. More detailed information can be found on the Academic presentations course descriptions page.

Occasional workshops on academic presentations

One- or two-day workshops or short courses may be offered according to a just-in-time strategy. In other words, if all first-year historians or a number of third-year lawyers etc are expected to present their work at a certain time, we can offer a workshop a week or two before. 

These workshops are generally - but not necessarily - discipline-specific. Each workshop is tailored to the needs of the group.

If you are interested in an occasional workshop:


Dry-runs of academic presentations

If a group of you wish to practise your presentations before an event you can request a dry-run session. 

In a dry-run session, each participant gives his or her presentation, after which the other participants and the teacher will give constructive feedback.

If arranged beforehand, we can also film you.

If you are interested in a dry-run session:





Individual consultations

As with any other aspect of your academic and professional life while here at the EUI, you can request an individual consultation with a member of the English Unit to discuss any part of your presentation, e.g. structure, voice, body language, help with slides, or ways of coping with nerves when speaking in public. 

If you wish to make an appointment for an individual consultation contact Nicola Hargreaves.



Page last updated on 03 October 2019