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Academic Writing Skills Workshops















Leonid Pasternak,
The Passion of Creation




This series of eight workshops, offered in the autumn or spring term, focuses on different areas of academic writing. Each workshop is self-contained, so you can sign up for all or only for those you find most useful. If you are interested contact the Language Centre Assistant

Each of these workshops can also be organised on demand, provided a large enough number of people wishes to participate (minimum 10). If you are interested contact the Language Centre Assistant

The choice of areas is tailored as much as possible to the participants. You can contact the James.Pavitt  with specific suggestions for other related areas. 

Below we list a few possible topics that we could choose from. These are not exhaustive, and we will add any others you think could be included. 


A few of the areas we believe are crucial to effective academic writing:

  • writing clear sentences
  • flow in text, or how to move from sentence to sentence clearly and logically
  • flow between paragraphs, or how to create paragraphs that carry your argument forward effectively
  • reviewing the literature, or how to structure the LR section and incorporate it into your paper
  • polishing your paper: editing and proofreading
  • abstracts
  • writing up your data, or data commentary
  • coming up with creative, meaningful and attractive Research Paper titles
  • bookends: introductions and conclusions
  • punctuating your paper, or yet another way of adding nuance and meaning 


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For more information, send an email to the Language Centre Assistant.






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