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Academic Writing Workshop LAW


How these workshops are organised

These workshops are designed to meet your academic writing needs, so the content can be adapted according to what you want to work on. Each two-hour session will have a different theme based around a particular aspect of your writing that you, and your teacher, have identified as important for your progress. We expect that you will have the opportunity to work in detail on your own writing and to get feedback on it from both your teachers and the other researchers in the workshop.

What you will learn

At the end of the workshop series you will

  • have a better understanding of particular areas of your writing for Law that need further work and development
  • have furthered your knowledge of key language areas (including grammar and vocabulary)
  • have identified strategies for how to progress effectively with your academic writing in general
  • have had the opportunity to ask and discuss questions relevant to a particular piece of writing that you are working on

How to enrol

Contact the Language Centre Assistant.


1. Monday 14th January 2019

2. Monday 21st January 2019

3. Monday 28th January 2019

4. Monday 4th  February 2019














Jonathan Fitchett works for the English Unit within the EUI’s Language Centre, as well as for the University of Kent, UK

He is an experienced teacher, teacher trainer and lecturer in Academic English. He has worked in various institutions all over the world ranging from high schools to universities. He is currently also working towards completing his Phd in the linguistics of Drama.




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