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Toward your Forum Paper: Presentation skills for the Second Year Forum

N.B. for second-year economists only
  • Would you like to practise your Forum Paper presentation?
  • Would you like to learn more about academic presentation skills?
  • Would you like to learn more about handling questions and critiques?
  • Would you like to become more confident when speaking in public?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then on two mornings before the Second-Year Forum you can come to a workshop geared precisely to helping you prepare for and practise your Forum Paper presentation.


English 605

Toward your Forum Paper: Presentation skills for the Second Year Forum

2nd year researchers ECO

Time & Place

Third term

April - June








What is "Toward your Forum Paper: Presentation skills?"

In this two-day workshop you will practise presenting and discussing your research, specifically your Forum Paper presentations.

The workshop not only looks at questions of language per se, but also aims to provide a protected space in which you can improve both confidence and competence when presenting in English. 

How is the workshop organised?

Day One  9:00 - 12:30     workshop on presentation skills

Day Two  9:00 - 12:30     you will do 'dry runs' of your papers

The precise dates will be announced nearer to the time, but generally the week before the Forum.

Feedback on your presentations will come from three sources:  yourself, your peers, and your teacher. It will be both oral and written.  If you already have an idea of certain areas you would like to work on, you can ask for directed feedback on these.

What presentation skills will the workshop look at?

We will be practising the skills needed to give an academic presentation in English, including:

  • Getting your audience’s interest
  • Maintaining your audience’s interest
  • Organising an introduction
  • Transition expressions: moving from one part of your speech to another
  • Concluding your presentation
  • Handling questions and critiques
  • Effective use of visual aids


We will also be considering:

  • Body language
  • Use of voice: volume, speed etc.
  • Making yourself understood: pronunciation, ‘chunking’ etc. 
  • Understanding others



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