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Writing your Journal Article: Draft to Submission in Eight Weeks




Do you want to get your paper ready for publishing?

Do you need help with rhetorical and stylistic issues related to drafting and revising your article?

Do you need help with time management?

Do you want to learn about targeting your article to a specific journal? 


Dedicate a term to doing just that by following the course Writing your journal article: from draft to submission.

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What is Writing your journal article: from draft to submission?

The aim is to get a journal article into publishable form.

The teachers will provide targeted materials and activities to help you push your chosen piece of writing towards completion within your chosen timeframe. 

The sessions will address both rhetorical and stylistic issues related to drafting and revising your article such as:

  • strengthening your structure
  • presenting your evidence
  • opening and concluding your article
  • advancing your argument

They will also address practical concerns such as:

  • time management
  • journal selection 
  • targeting your article to a specific journal   

The course is largely based on Wendy L. Belcher's book, Writing your journal article in 12 weeks (Sage, 2009) but also draws on other materials.

Wendy Belcher's book will be put on hold at the EUI Library for participants for the duration of this course.



Who can participate in Writing your journal article?

Researchers in their third year and beyond


Research assistants

The number of participants is limited to 12



How can I get the most out of Writing your journal article?

The aim is to get a journal article into publishable form, so you need to be able to commit to the entire length of the course.

You will probably get most out of this course if you already have an article 'on the go'. 

You will need to set aside time between each session in order to work on your article.



Where and when is Writing your journal article held?

'Writing your journal article' is held once a week for eight weeks.

The next course starts on Tuesday 15 January 2019.

Room                Austin

Day                   Tuesday

Time                  9:00-10:30


What do I have to do to participate in Writing your journal article?

If you would like to follow the course, please sign up with the Language Centre Assistant





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