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German Language and Academic Skills Courses

German courses at the EUI are geared to research purposes, particularly reading and listening skills, and take into account that German may be your third, fourth or even fifth foreign language.

More advanced courses cater to those with a good knowledge of German and help researchers maintain their language level and learn some new academic skills.

Administrative staff members and trainees should check Courses for Staff before enrolling in a course.

Contact: Silke Tork

Office: Convento SD050


Courses and Workshops

  • Introduction to Communication Skills in an Academic Environment (A1)
  • Basic Communication Skills in an Academic Environment ( A2 False Beginners) 
  • Moving towards Academia (B1)
  • Introduction to Working with Academic Prose (B2)
  • Academic Communication Skills: Presentation Skills ( B2/C1)
  • Enrolling in a course


Correction and Feedback

You can, at the discretion of the Language Centre, use the Correction Service for your academic work. All requests should be addressed to Silke Tork.

Individual Consultations

Individual consultations are open to all members of the EUI community with questions about the use of the German language and academic activities.

For more information, go to individual consultations.

For an appointment, contact Silke Tork.

Placement Tests

Everyone except complete beginners must sit a placement test. These normally occur at the beginning of each term. For further information contact the Language Centre Assistant.


Page last updated on 21 March 2017