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Italian A2-

The A2- courses are addressed to learners with a basic knowledge of Italian who completed the A1 level during the last academic year or who were assigned to the A2 level after the placement test.


EUI language courses are free for EUI PhD and LL.M. researchers, but most other EUI members have to pay a nominal fee. To check course fees click on total hours.


 Course description

Italian 103

Communication and grammar skills


This course is the continuation of October December course A1/A2 

Time & Place

16 January - 19 March

15 hours

  • Thursday 13.30-15.30

Convento, Austin


Italian 104

Communication and grammar skills


This course is the continuation of October December course A1/A2 

Time & Place

17 January – 20 March

15 hours

  • Friday   11.30-13.00

Convento, Austin Room


 Gaia Pieraccioni 





Italian A2-

Learning outcomes
By the end of the course, students will be able 
  • to interact in areas of immediate personal relevance
  • to ask for and give information on everyday topics and their own field of research
  • to talk about various aspects of their home country and  town (food, architecture, lifestyles, arts, sport, etc.)
  • to read informative texts and notices on topics of personal and professional interest; texts that consist of general language and academic-related language (fields of research, academic professions and positions)
  • to participate in basic conversations about work, studies, leisure, etc.
  • to read short texts (fiction, journalism and essays)
  • to write notes, messages and short stories/reviews
Course contents
Course materials:
Universitalia 2.0
Vol. 1
The course includes work on the following
    • revision of the main structures of Italian grammar: verbs (past tenses); articles; time adverbs; prepositions

    • introduction of structures of Italian grammar and syntax: verbs (future and conditional); pronouns

    • Italian life and culture

    • living in Florence: places, markets, museums, parks and gardens, etc.

    • expanding the vocabulary through reading and speaking


Learning methods and activities
Activities in class include
  • controlled grammatical exercises

  • small groupwork

  • pairwork

  • role play

  • readings

  • peer correction

  • individual writing

This description refers to the general content of the A2- level and the teaching methodologies. The specific syllabus for each course covers part of this content according to the number of hours and the needs of the participants.


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