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Eating at EUI canteens: what options do I have ?

The meal system at EUI canteens is structured according to 2 different options:

  1. Standard (pre-defined) menu
  2. Points system menu


Standard (pre-defined) menu

You can choose between 3 different standard combinations: Large, Medium and Small

canteen menus

These combinations are fixed: the image above shows the pre-defined composition of standard menus with their relevant price.

Please note:

  • Bread and soft drinks are always included
  • Secound course: daily second course or grilled meat/cheese/fish/veg 
  • Side dish: daily side dish or Grilled vegetables or small salad or french fries


Points system menu 

You wish to change the composition of any of the standard menus ? You can use the “points” option to combine dishes according to your preference:

points value for dishes

Depending on how many points you accumulate with your selections, you will be charged for either a small, medium, or large menu (see below).points options


The points options allows for more flexibility in the composition of your meal, as you can decide independently the type and quantity of dishes that you like in order to reach the correspondent menu price.  

Note that it is usually more convenient to opt for a standard menu option than to build a meal based on points.

For further details please visit this page.










Page last updated on 06 September 2019