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Business cards include both compulsory and optional data

There is a uniform style and layout, which must not be changed. This includes all logos, data order, fonts, colours, etc.

Compulsory data are:

  • On the front: EUI department or service logo; name and surname; title

Optional data are:

  • On the front: Sub-title or/and project title - no more than two lines are available
  • On the back: Beneath the compulsory information, any other EUI-related information you may wish to mention - up to eight lines are available 

The procedure to personalise and request business cards is available at: www.eui.eu/RequestBusinessCards


Only EUI official data should be used on the business cards. This includes blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

No third-part logo and/or info should be used on the EUI business cards

Title: Please use the title as it appears in the EUI web directory

Sub-title: If you want to mention a sub-title not already stated in the EUI web directory, we recommend you to get authorisation from your Head of Service or Head of Department and the Personnel Service before sending a print request to the Logistics Service, which may request a copy of this agreement.

Mobile: Private mobile numbers should always be mentioned as an optional data (see for ex. the template for researchers)

Web sites: The EUI web site – www.eui.eu - should never be overwritten. Projects homepages or websites should always be mentioned as an optional data (please, do not use the url in long-form; ask your web editor to create a shorter alias that fits on one line)

Note: For the time being, QR codes are not accepted. This may change in the future

The EUI reserves the right to refuse requests that do not comply with its overall corporate 
communication policy

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines or policy, please write to [email protected]


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Page last updated on 17 August 2017