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Departure Checklist

Read this checklist and take whatever action is necessary in good time for your departure 

1. Italian Ministry ID card

This is the property of the Italian State and must be returned to Lorenzo Ghezzi (Int. 2373).

2. Keys

Hand in your office keys to the porter of your building

3. Check-out List

Two days before departure, pass by the porter’s lodge of your building and complete the check-out list.

4. Library Material & Fines

Return all material (books, locker keys). Pay outstanding bills/fines. Check if your Library Account is clear and closed. 

5. Other Material on Loan

Return DVDs, CDs, USB pens etc. borrowed from the Language Centre or Computing Service.

6. Bank Account

Close any Italian bank account if not needed. Return Bancomat, Visa Electron etc. at least 1 week before closure.

An open but unused account may incur into running charges.

7. Publications

Send bibliographical references and electronic text of work published during or soon after the stay at EUI to [email protected].

This is for inclusion in the EUI Publications Repository.

8. Reimbursement of Travel

Travel costs for your return trip are reimbursed AFTER your departure (outstanding debts are deducted).

Send Travel Expenses Form (Fellows) and a copy of tickets to Ognjen Aleksic  (MWPs) or Giampiero Nerici (JMFs).

Make sure that the price is clearly indicated and give the IBAN and SWIFT/BIC codes of your bank account.

9. Removal Expenses

The EUI does not cover any removal or mailing  costs (see Fellowships).

10. Office PC

Your PC will be 'cleaned' and cloned for a new user. Remove and backup any personal data beforehand.

11. Alumni Association

Check out the EUI Alumni Association pages on and join the EUI online community.

12. User Satisfaction Survey

We would appreciate it if you fill in the User Satisfaction Survey and return this form to the Welcome Unit.



Page last updated on 20 August 2017